Friday, February 7, 2014

A Bankruptcy Nightmare – “This story is Just Crazy!”

By Sydney Sullivan
ashamed-americaJust when you think you've heard it all - and it just couldn't get any worse than the last case... Well, in all honesty the following shockingly sad story is true - but if you have high blood pressure or a weak stomach for incompetent attorneys, or judicial conspiracy - you may not want to read or listen to it right before you go to bed because it contains facts and rulings that some readers and lawmakers may find disturbing.
Let's start first with the disclaimer that not all attorneys or judges are created equal. And as Honolulu foreclosure defense attorney Gary Dubin puts it - "this story is just crazy" - it is morally bankrupt from top to bottom. This is a saga about a homeowner that was not in default, was sued in a falsified foreclosure action, the bank admitted it made mistakes, the homeowner retained attorneys that filed the homeowner in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation) when she had no debt (apparently not the best move?) - (BTW the link to Bar Grievances in on the DC front page right hand sidebar) - and the judges in both the bankruptcy and circuit courts ignored the fraud filed in their courts and ruled against the homeowner.

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