Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Secret Inside BofA Office of CEO Stymied Needy Homeowners

From:  Bloomberg 

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Susan...and the million plus victims

by Hugh Son 

Photographer: Phelan M. Ebenhack/Bloomberg
Isabel Santamaria, top right, her husband Abdiel Echeverria, top left, daughter Rebecca, 13, lower left, son... Read More

Isabel Santamaria thought she finally caught a break in her effort to save her Florida home from foreclosure after nine frustrating months: She reached Bank of America Corp.’s Office of the CEO and President. 

What the mother of two autistic children didn’t know is that her case would find its way to contractors, including Urban Lending Solutions in Broomfield, Colorado, far from the bank’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bank of America hired the firm founded by Chuck Sanders, a former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, to clear a backlog of complaints about a federal program designed to prevent foreclosures. 

“It felt like a big deal, reaching the CEO’s office,” Santamaria, 43, said of having her June 2010 call escalated to what she was told was the bank’s top level. “It only happened because I complained to my congressman, the attorney general, television stations. They only put you there if you make a big stink, but once you’re there, they still don’t help you.”  MORE